Forests of the Slovak Republic, state enterprise invite visitors to 1. May 2015 in Bison menagerie Topolčianky (free entry)

Forest nature trail Bison menagerie, built Lesy SR Banská Bystrica the forests Topolčianky, on the occasion of 50 th anniversary of establishment Bison game preserve menagerie. Bison game preserve is one of the major sites of nature conservation, but is also an integral part of the history of Slovak forestry. It was the foresters who whose efforts contributed to the breeding of many bison. Successful reproduction Topoľčianky herds, but especially obtaining valuable knowledge from the life of bison, significantly contributed to saving the bison as druhu.Tento largest European mammal was still in the recent past on the verge of extinction. The main mission of Forests of the forests in Topoľčianky forest management is state-owned. Forestry and hunting in our region has a rich history. Working in the forest and forestry are the traditional professions. With hunting and forestry activities closely related to many technical and cultural monuments left by previous generations of foresters.