Bison game preserve Topoľčianky

Bison menagerie manage its forests SR se Branch plant Topolčianky that since the establishment menagerie provides breeding bison and operation menagerie of own resources, without state contributions and results of breeding bison takes full responsibility. Since the establishment menagerie in 1958 until May 2012 in the bison menagerie was born 180 bison, which can be considered an important contribution to saving the bison as a species. The primary task Żubr menagerie is breeding bison Wolf Mountain line. For this reason, they arrived from Germany Snacks blood three bison Egelmez who has successfully completed health and a long way from Northern Westphalia.

In Topoľčianky menagerie arrived at night on April 23 For shipping crates spoke quite peaceful in the morning on April 24, coincidentally the day of their third birthday. He currently lives in the menagerie 13 bison, including new additions. Is temporarily placed in the menagerie to cure a young injured Zubrica of Poloniny. In the event that it manages to successfully cure the injured leg should be returned to the wild. All captive bred bison are recorded in a herd book bison, led by prof. Wanda Olech Warsaw. Each farmer is obliged to keep detailed records of origin bison breeding and all measures decommissioning of animal husbandry and the inclusion of new animals for breeding must be consulted and approved in advance by the leading bison herd book. So in the bison menagerie avoid inbreeding and thus compromising the genetic lines are farmed bison must be exchanged at intervals adult bulls, which generally provide more offspring. The problem is that the young Zubric mature in local conditions in the second or third year of life, and thus may be the possibility that the leader of the flock are paired with his daughter. Zvernica is indeed divided into 4 departments, but also when withdrawn from breeding bulls are bred specifically, during the rut can fence high 180 cm easily overcome. Therefore, in practice exchange realized solicitation to catch solvent candidates. In 2012 were thus offered two bison, bison Silo 5 year old and 6 year old hall. Successful hunters paid for each € 10,000. The revenues from which are used solely for the operation of the menagerie.

During the 54 year history of the Bison game preserve menagerie 179 pups were born. Every newborn cub survival after six months to judge the amount of € 500 and filed into the property OZ Topoľčianky. Asset bison survival after each half of this value increases. Despite the relatively high cost of operation menagerie (annual average € 40,000), which provides OZ Topoľčianky exclusively from its own resources, is trying to invest funds and to improving the environment bison and improve conditions for visitors. In 2005, building inspections and operated toilet with breakfast, which was constructed at a cost € 51,900. In 2010, removed the original hayloft to feed bison in 1958. In its place was built a loft with panoramic terrace for visitors worth € 60,595. This period has been removed and other original hayloft and in its place will be a new totaling € 51,900.

Bison game preserve menagerie attends many visitors each year, but sales of admission, which is more or less symbolic, achieve only a year from 2000 to 2500 €. The public interest in Bison game preserve menagerie from year to year. Therefore, OZ Topoľčianky trying to zvernica addition to its priority task of breeding bison Wolf Mountain genetic line, also serves as the information and educational center for questions of biology bison Wolf. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the menagerie was open Forest nature trail Bison menagerie that the 10 panels inform visitors to the history of farming in Topolčianky bison, with related species and the animals and plants that occur in the bison menagerie and its immediate surroundings. The path has a length of 2500 m, the path is traversed easy terrain with very little altitude difference, so you can easily pass even less able visitors and children. Bison game preserve is now open to the public year round. The route for all traffic is marked from the center of Topolčianky, after intercepting a car park near the outer fence menagerie. After about 500 m walk, visitors get for breeding nucleus, where they can meet with Żubr. For organized tours we recommend to ensure your visit in advance in order to adjust the feeding regime because some visitors to the bison may not be able to see.

Bison are within menagerie your favorite stations, which are not always accessible to human eyes. For compound devices, where the visitors can see, the majority staying only at feeding time, which is carried out 2 times a day. In the morning at 9:00. and in the afternoon at 14.00 hrs. From 1 May admission to the menagerie was adjusted to that part of each ticket is a brochure Forest nature trail. Children 6 to 15 years and disabled with valid ID pay admission € 1.00, students and pensioners € 1.50 and € 2.00 adults.

Text: Jozef Šabo, OZ Topoľčianky